Coaching has been designed to ensure that each and every student passes in the 1st attempt.

The differentiator is in individual monitoring and mentoring.


Taking admission into a medical course is only the beginning of a very long academic journey. A Medical course is one of the longest courses among the professional courses stretching from a minimum of 6 years for completion of MBBS degree to at least 10 years towards completion of post graduation degree and 12 years for completion of super speciality.

Students who study in china or any other foreign country are required to undertake the FMG exam or screening test exam to be registered with the Medical Body of the state or the centre. This examination is designed to test the ability of a student and ratify whether he is ready for the grueling practice of medicine.

In recent years there has been a sea change in the pattern of the exams & the skills sets to be tested. Since 2013 the FMG exam has become an online exam i.e Computer Based Test and the centre is no longer confined to Delhi. The centers are spread over several locations all over the country. The questions have taken on a distinct clinical bias & visual questions are a very important component of the test. There are also plans to test the clinical skills of the students in the future.

At present more than 7000 students take FMG exam each year & it gives us a lot of hope that our passing percentage in the FMGE examination is upward of 70% as opposed to the national average of 20%-25%. This means that students who have studied in colleges that are in joint programs with Saraswati Online.Com have a higher passing percentage than the national average passing percentage.


The Medical Learning Enhancement Program has been structured with a view to making each & every student capable of passing the FMGE examination in the 1st attempt itself. The ability to tackle not only the FMGE examination but also other licensing examinations which students may be interested in appearing for, can only come from a strong foundation.

The human body has remained the same for millennia but the manifestations of disease have always challenged doctors. A comprehensive attempt has been made to identify & strengthen all aspects of the medical education program through a 4 step holistic approach.

Personal Contact Program (PCP)

In the PCP, expert doctors from India will visit our colleges and will emphasize & clarify all aspects of each subject The Personal Contact Program will be held every month & will vary from 6 days to 3 weeks as an adjunct to the already running regular classes.

Online Contact Program (OCP)

Online contact program will be conducted on the internet through video conferencing with expert teachers from Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata who will further reinforce the program through lectures & demonstration through the medium of the internet.

Mock Test & Discussion

A series of mock tests will be conducted to evaluate the depth of knowledge & the retention level of the students. After the test a discussion shall be conducted with special emphasis on weaker areas backed up by advice & guidance on the methodology of study & tips and the techniques thereof.

Hospital Visit

A series of hospital visits are also part of the MLEP curriculum which includes exposure to a wide spectrum of patients through hospital visits, internships with general practitioners & internships in primary health care centers.

When the student does not pass in the 1st attempt he / she can only retake the exams after 6 months. This means a potential loss of income about Rs.3,00,000 minimum. Added to that are the expenses related to external coaching , accommodation and food. Most of the coaching for FMG takes place in Delhi as till 2013 the exams used to be conducted only in Delhi.

Hence the total loss will be in the region of approximately 4- 5 lacs. This puts a tremendous burden on the parent who has already spent a large amount on the tuition fees and other expenses in the university. Added to this is the social stigma, peer pressure and depression that the student faces. As the number of attempts increases these feelings become overwhelming and the student may become anxious and fatalistic.

Why join Medical Learning Enhancement Program?

A speech by - Dr P S Ganguli

In a classroom , although the teacher addresses all the students in the same subject in the same way, some of the students pass and some fail.


Because each individual student understands and internalizes the information in a different way.

In such a scenario it is vital to monitor the students assessments individually and come up with individual and tailor made solutions for their obstacles. This is exactly what this program proposes to do. At every step , we have taken the help of doctors and psychologists to design an incisive assessment system which will identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual students so that it can be rectified in unique ways. With such a system in place and meticulous attention to details there is no reason for any student to not be able to pass FMGE in 1st attempt.